What Activism Looks Like

Late night. Strong beverages. Puppy Snuggles. Research. To-Do lists. Very strong. Important. Feminist. Friends.   Two Page To-Do Lists   -Petitioning. Once again. Strong. Inspiring.…

My Town

  My town gets a lot of crap for a lot of things. It's not perfect. There is this weird divide between those who work for the university and those that hate the university. There's also those…

Smokey Mountains

It's been a very busy semester for Jen and Me - we are both teaching (me at EIU, and she is student teaching at Windsor), I'm working my full-time job as a web developer, and Jen has been leading…


My family says this saying as though it was one word. We tested it this Christmas. It's true. The Notre-DameGame is today. -Tomato  

The Zoo

When we visit my parents we call it going to the zoo. I think you can see why. -Good Morning Tomato  


Every year we host an over-the-top Christmas party. The idea is to take the very commercialized version of Christmas and cover it in glitter. I bake hoards of cookies. So not all the shapes are…

Handsome is an Uncle

It's hard work. But I think he's a great twin uncle for twin boys. - Tomato  

The Hobbit

Jen had a great gift for me this year for the holidays - she stole me away to Champaign, surprise me with a great dinner at the Big Grove Tavern, and then brought me to the movies to see The Hobbit:…

I Cut My Hair

Well I got a lot of it chopped off. -Chopped Tomato


For the first time, I will be teaching 2 sections of a class in the School of Business at Eastern Illinois University this spring. During my undergraduate and graduate years I had thought about…

Fambily Picture Attempt

Indy Clearly deserves all the attention


Wants to say hi

Who I Married

I'm lucky. So stinking lucky. I married the best man in the world. He still makes my heart explode. -Tomato

Why We Really Went to Minnesota

There's TWO babies! We were lucky enough to welcome these amazing babies into our lives and become aunts and uncles. I worked hard to catch this little guy mid sneeze. When I say I worked hard it…

Wordless Wednesday

Which should be changed to Indy Wednesday.

The First Time My Bedroom Has Been Clean

See? This is obviously the before. See? Handsome really chose a winner when he said forever. Luckily he knew that the majority of my clothes always make it on the floor before he said forever and…