I don't really like "being married." There I said it. I don't like it because somehow by saying "I do" the rules changed. Now instead of being an awesome girlfriend I was just an average wife. I…

My Parents

  Are a famous couple. -Tomato

Proud Parents

I graduated and I think they were a little happy for me.   - Tomato


  This is a street art in Lafayette Indiana that says, "Before I die I want to ____ " and you fill in the blank. Before I die I want to be published. Before I die I want to go to a yoga…

Memorial Day

I realize now we had a pretty "typical" Memorial Day. Something you might see in an ad.

Pinterest and Being a Wife

  Sometimes I see things on pinterest that sound like being a mom is the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD. Because you get to make all of these crafts out of old t-shirts and make breakfast out of…

Two Years

  Handsome and I were suppose to go to the Mumford and Sons concert for our anniversary but it was canceled and so within 24 hours we scheduled a whole new adventure.   We jumped on the…

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

  When we bought our house it had a "nice" cement pond. The pump hadn't been turned on in years and the water was muck. There was rocks and bricks in the pond. We thought we would restore the…

Harry Potter

Handsome and I read all 7 Harry Potters. Ding. Outloud. Well I did most of the reading. They are pretty good stories and it was nice to share it with someone I love. -Tomato  

My Parents Visit

  When my parents come we have to have a ready to-do list. My parents are not idle people. If they see something they want to get to work. And my house has a lot of things that need to get…

I Married the Right Person

  Of all the billions of people in the world. I picked the best most perfect one. Take that. But seriously. - Tomato loves this guy so much.

What Having Allergies Looks Like

  Sexy and I know it. -Tomato


  This semester I won Women's Studies Student of the Year. I was beyond happy. I worked really hard on a lot of my work through Women's Studies and I was so happy to be recognized. I was…

I Want to Be a Ranger

  We went on this like it was called Laurel Falls. It had a "guided tour" that had a little write up about each stop along the route.   At first I thought it was completely unnecessary.…

Mini-Much-Needed Vacation

Handsome and I went to the smokey mountains. We stayed in the city of Gatlinburg and mostly tried to venture on the mountains as much as possible. This was our hike on the Rainbow Falls. It was a…


  It's here. Tomato did it. And it couldn't have been done without handsome. It's a pretty exciting moment.   -Tomato Graduate of Eastern Illinois University

Rocking the Short Hair

  Short hair has been an experience. I think I'm liking it. -Tomato


  Handsome went into the wild to find his family a christmas tree. It was like a scene from Hobbes.   Except you know for the stuffed tiger following handsome he was following his dad.…

Fat Friday

Oh Hey I didn't see you there. I've just started student teaching and I'm trying to find a balance between my soul, my ambitions, and other people. I've managed pretty well. I'm getting three meals…