Halloween Costumes

This halloween we all dressed up. Even Indy. I was a feminist. It was a total cheating costume. I have a shirt that says, "This is what a feminist looks like" so I threw it on and went to our…

Oh Hey

We didn't see you walk in. You're still here. Perfect. Let's catch up. First. I chopped off all my hair. We carved pumpkins for Halloween. Indy loves pumpkin. No really we feed it to her out of a…

Before and After

Before and After  


We almost didn't make it to Minnesota this sunny season. Except after looking at our schedules and our amazing new nephews - we managed to find time. We loaded up the car and headed out. We helped…


We travel. Here and there. And everywhere. I like it that way. I like being able to round up Indy's things around the house throw in a shirt or two for myself and hit the road. It takes us a lot of…

Getting Snuggly

Dear world, Now that the temperatures are dropping. Significantly. You will find me close to this adorable animal. And snuggly. I'm sure you understand. Love, Tomato

Where I'm Standing

Exhausted. Tired. I really feel like I should be doing this:

Guest Post - Indy the Dog

Why you has leave me? I have all the snuggles for you. -Tomato misses that bed, that face, and the man behind the camera.

Wordless Wednesday

Note the bone in the picture. To the right of my feet. -Tomato

Smile Time

Here's some things that make me smile. Dogs with pony tails. Dogs with the wind blowing in their hair. Tummy rubs. Dogs who don't want you to leave. Dogs who sleep on your lap. Dogs who sleep…

Need: Snuggles

Sometimes I study a lot of difficult things. Things that make me shake my head. Sometimes I study a lot of things that make me want to scream. Sometimes I study a lot of things that make me so sad.…


Yes that is her glorious backside. But I'm hours away from my fluff and couldn't get enough so I thought I'd share.