Turning a House into a Home

We bought a house a little over a year ago. I posted about it, I told you I didn't have a name for her. I think her name is home, but we've been working on making it that way. I'm not sure that the…


Sometimes it's nice to know that you have a dog on your side. In it together. Trying to get all the bones and snuggles one tiny life can hold. - Tomato

This Winter Has Been Hard on Everyone

  Just remember that the green has to come back. -Tomato

Dogs Know

Have you heard that dogs can tell when a person is sick, heart broken, or in pain? They know. They do.   Indy didn't leave handsome's side for weeks. She knew. - Tomato

Oh Hai


Wordless Wednesday

  Oh hai. -Tomato

Wordless Wednesday Day

  Okay so apparently someone brought in dog friendly cupcakes for their dog's birthday at Doggy Day care and Indy got to celebrate. But it is kinda cute huh? -Tomato

Wordless Wednesday

-Tomato the Dog Owner  


  Indy and Grandma Margaret are the best of friends. -Tomato

Christmas Card Outtakes

Not everyone has puppets of themselves. That hold hands. Or have a pink beard and no eyebrows. It's the small details. You see these puppets have been in our family Christmas card for the past two…