Sometimes it's nice to know that you have a dog on your side. In it together. Trying to get all the bones and snuggles one tiny life can hold.

- Tomato



This is my grandma-in-law's wedding blanket. It's beautiful. It's loved and warn and warm. It's colorful. It's an heirloom. I learned the story behind it this summer.

I learned a little bit about the love and time that went into this quilt. I learned about the time that it's provided warmth. I learned a little bit more about it's legacy.

- Tomato


September 2015-120

Today I'm grateful for a dog that is big enough to snuggle and squeeze. I'm grateful for the amount of laughter he has brought to my life.

September 2015-105 I'm grateful for a partner who can laugh during house projects. Who wears silly shirts. Who keeps working through the day and never gives up. Who just keeps trying.   September 2015-111

I'm grateful this debris is picked up, sucked up, and no longer crunching under my feet.

September 2015-123

I'm grateful for more resources for my students. I'm grateful for telling them that people who have no idea they are keep investing in them.   

September 2015-034

What were you grateful for lately?


Throwback Thursday

September 2015-144

Last week was homecoming. We had a throwback Thursday theme. I wore this letter sweater from high school. Some people asked if it was from the 50s.

Some people joked Indiana is still living in the 50s.

Some people asked if this was for "North Purdue."

Some kids wanted to know why I never told them I was in a varsity sport.

Some kids wanted to know how uncomfortable this sweater was.

So then I made it a real throw back and had a 30 second dance party to the 00s:

House Project

September 2015-97

We started a house project.

September 2015-71 What some people might call a remodel we are calling a house project.   September 2015-101

That'd be some nice hardwood floor under the crappy tile job. We're going to try to refinish this. That's another project...


September 2015-115 Here's our downstairs bathroom. If you need to go potty you'll be heading upstairs.   
September 2015-130

So it's safe to say we've got a few projects going. Some may call it a remodel. Some may call it a bit much. Some may say we bit off more than we can chew. But you know what? This dog is no longer eating grout. So that's great.


June 2015-003

This is half of our garlic harvest. It's impressive. I think we'll make it through the year with this. I'm not warding off vampires. I'm just in love with the roasted beautiful taste of garlic.

- Tomato with a little garlic

Before and After



April 2015



June 2015-031



Yoga at Work

2015-05-15 11.53.18


I'm a teacher.

My name has this tone when you drag out the "i". It sounds like a hopeless kitten.

My students nailed it.

If you drag out the "i" in my name I'll probably move you to the top of the line.

I find it helps to throw my legs up the wall in the yoga pose to find my center. In the middle of the day it's just what I need to take some calm breath and extra strength.

- Tomato

A Swimming Dog

Saugany Spring 2015-099

I grew up my whole life a sneeze away from water. I swam when it was too hot to move. I swam when it was too dark to see your hand in front of your face.

I always. Always. Always. wanted a dog who would go swimming with me. I imagine this is similar to how runners feel about running with a dog.

Saugany Spring 2015-111

Enter Rube. The dog who has eaten multiple socks, a plastic knitting needle, an entire dark chocolate bar, two toys, and a scrunchie (to name a few). Throw a life jacket on him and suddenly he's a swimmer.

Saugany Spring 2015-144

He was swimming and comfortable in the water. He wanted to explore and play. He is a water dog.

Saugany Spring 2015-222

- Tomato




Break & Twin Christmas 2014-067


I've been meaning to do some more sewing lately. I joke with my students that I'd love to talk to their grandparents about quilting.

It's not a joke.

Let's talk blankets that say, "I love you." Let's talk blankets that wrap around you and provide you with a safe space.

- Tomato

I built some stairs

New Steps (SP 2015)-014

It's not the easiest. There's math involved. You have to figure out your distance you need to go both up and out. Then you need to figure out your rise over run.

New Steps (SP 2015)-008

Being an English teacher I decided to do the measure once cut twice.

New Steps (SP 2015)-021


English jokes aside I am pretty math literate. I was able to answer all of my uncle's clarifying questions when he asked how I was planning on doing this. I was able to use the words like stringer, rise, run, and tread with straight confidence.

New Steps (SP 2015).02

I cut three stringers to the exact same size. It was looking really good.

New Steps (SP 2015).32-1


Until it wasn't. You see the joy of having an old house is that your house is completely unlevel. So when you have three stringers exactly the same size. You actually need two the exact same size and one half an inch longer than the others.
New Steps (SP 2015)-054

One day later and two more trips to Home Depot had me putting in  the stairs like a beauty.
New Steps (SP 2015)-055

Please note the most stable these stairs have ever been in three years was when they froze together this January.

We will no longer have that problem ever again.

New Steps (SP 2015)-064

St John


Nate and I have done a lot of trips lately. In February we went to visit my brother on St. John the Virgin Islands. It was a great trip to take a breath and recharge.

I was lucky not to have a sensitive skin issue on the island and not fry from the sun.



I was able to do some hiking. It's safe to say my family all looks like each other.



Nate's still working on his jumping pictures. It looks like he's about to throw himself off this cliff.



TJ's kitchen made us these tasty shrimp. Safe to say between the six of us we ate three plates of shrimp.
2015-02-06 15.25.56


This was the experience I had coming home. It was a tiny plane. So tiny that the steering wheel hit my knees twice while we were up in the air. It was one of those really interesting experiences where I wanted to puke.