Perhaps it's always the start that's the hardest thing to do. To get moving. Even in relationships there's that moment of  beginning and where do you begin. Where do you put your hands. Where do you lean in the right way. How do you tilt your head. Is this the right time to hold their hand, is now the time to lean in or lean away. Should you act casual or anxious?

Today I had work in the morning and I really tried to go in with a positive attitude and a plan. I guess that's probably the best when you work with kids, but I'm pretty good at just winging it so it's hard for me to always come in with a plan. But it was shaken up by my headcoach who isn't always my favorite. She's really good at dictating and not so good at listening, but I feel like the higher up you are in position the more that seems to be the truth. Maybe I should write that down in case I am ever in any type of power position. Nonetheless I managed to make a pretty good day out of it and stayed positive.

I came home and I cooked Pioneer Woman's potatoes au gratin for lunch. Lunch food not so much. Even still it was lunch and even more still - this is a beginning.