Why be the tomato? Well you see tomatoes are a fun little argument for everyone. Is it fruit? Is it vegetable? Is it a culinary word or a science word. I love it. I love that the tomato breaks the rules. It is what ever the hell it wants to be. Somedays hey maybe it wants to hang with the fruits, that’s cool. Mango is a pretty accepting guy. Or maybe sometimes the tomato simply wants to be a vegetable I heard that celery is a really sweet gal. Nonetheless people can argue what it is for quite sometime siting this source and that you’ll see that there’s some universality in it all. The culinary world defines it as a veggie, the science world puts it in a fruit. Where does that leave me? Remembering that no matter my color, my water content, or the fact that I have seeds inside me or not, I can be what ever I want to be- the tomato.