Is it Always Going to Be Like This? Nope!

This year started with a a terrible person getting into the White House, and from there, life threw some personal struggles at me and Jen.

During these tough times, Jen will ask me, “It’s going to get better right? It won’t always be like this?” I always say yes. Below are a few pictures from this year alone that show life is easy sometimes. And soon we’ll be back to things being a bit easier.

Women's March_321

Getting a cabin where we can snuggle by a fire (and go for a nice hike)

2017-02-19 10.59.40

Finishing Georgia on the AT!


Being honored with an award for the amazing work you do

2017-04-27 20.21.18

Swimming. The days by the pool were nice.

2017-05-30 17.26.45-1

Cute doggies

2017-06-16 14.53.11-1

Biking ALL the miles!

2017-07-03 15.44.23-2

Being silly.






Competing in an IRONMAN!

Ironman Wisconsin 2017_187

2017-09-17 19.10.29