Turning a House into a Home

We bought a house a little over a year ago. I posted about it, I told you I didn’t have a name for her. I think her name is home, but we’ve been working on making it that way. I’m not sure that the name fits quite yet, but we are working diligently to make it home.


It’s big and open. Or it was when we first bought it. It’s since become a little full. (And looking at this picture… a little more empty… more on that later)


We’ve taken down the wall paper and painted. We’ve fallen in love with the stairs that our someday family will pose for prom on.

I’ve cursed this kitchen more than Nate can count. Things I haven’t cooked since being in this house:

  • Homemade ketchup
  • Pasta
  • Pantry Meals
  • Much of anything


This room doesn’t even exist anymore. At least not in any form that this looks like. It’s now something closer to this:
2016-07-04 09.24.42-2

2016-07-05 17.26.43

2016-07-09 15.18.29

2016-07-23 22.45.58

You’ll notice the paneling is gone, the hallway is created, and our someday master bathroom is framed out.


I slept in classier joints when I was in college.

2016-08-13 18.18.19

We’re closer now than ever to calling her home and knowing it’s the right fit. Handsome fell in love with this house the second he saw it. I cried for an entire day because I knew the kitchen would never feel like home, and it hasn’t.

Which is why we’re making even more changes to make it feel like home. More to come.