Appalachian Trail 2017

This was a much more successful trip that our first trip that ended in sickness and barely getting off the trail alive!

Day 1 – March 23, 2017

We left Champaign, Il at 4:59am in Rooster’s Ford Fusion and arrived @ Sally & Joyce’s 3:30pm EDT. Joyce drove us to Woody’s Gap where we met Matt, the guy who saved our ass last year! How fitting that he help us end out trip last year, and almost a year later in the same spot in Georgia, he got us started

Rooster, Nate, Matt @ Woody’s Gap, Georgia

Matt hiked all the way with us to Jarrard Gap, about 5.6 miles. We started at about 4:45, so we made some good mileage for such a late start in the day. We had planned on making it another 2 miles to WoodHole Shelter, but you had to have a food canister to stay anywhere after Jarrard because of bears. Made it to Jarrard in 2 hours, and we got to enjoy a fire with 3 other hikers.

These guys were hilarious, and told us this story of a dog named “BOONE”. These guys were a real treat.

Day 2 – March 24, 2017

Left Jarrard Gap @ 8:15am, made it to WoodsHole @ 8:43. Climbed Blood Mtn. and reach the shelter @ 9:30am. Light rain and mist/heavy fog and strong winds at the top

Top of Blood Mtn. Georgia.

Made it to Neel’s Gap at 10:40 where they were starting some trail magic! They were gonna have burgers, but we decided to keep going. We stopped for lunch at 12:15 and refilled water at a spring.

Tesnatee Gap @ 2pm, feeling tired. Crazy Canadian that talked to us. He loved the f-word. Tough climb after that. Got to Hogpen Gap and enjoyed some trail magic from Jim from Iowa. Apples, peanut butter crackers, oreo’s, cheese stick. Decent hike into Low Gap @ 4:52. Set up camp, made dinner and got fresh water. Probably 50+ hikers staying at/around the shelter that night. We got a mouse in the tent in the middle of the night!

Day 3 – March 25, 2017

Woke up about 7:45 and cleaned up camp and make breakfast. Hit the trail around 8:45 again. Made it to Jack Gap @ 10:30, called dad and wished him a happy birthday. Continued on some rocky terrain to Blue Mtn. Shelter for lunch. Long down to Unicoi Gap, and got to enjoy some more trail magic at the bottom. We enjoyed a hot dog and Nic enjoyed a Coke. We each took a hotdog for the road @ 2pm. 800ft climb after that, very steep. Followed by a steep down hill to Indian Gap (3:30). Enjoyed our 2nd hot dog and a 1500ft accent. Bodies were holding up good at this point. Started climb at 3:50. Started gradual, but very steep to finish. End took a lot out of us. Finished a half mile to the shelter. Great view. Arrival at 5:17. Made dinner, got water, setup camp and prepared for bad weather over night. Heavy winds and rain.

A lady was walking a goat.

Day 4 – March 26, 2017

We had some heavy rain this day, made it to Plumorchard shelter. Write more later

Day 5 – March 27, 2017

Crossed into the realm of North Carolina!

2017 Summary

We covered about 60 miles and finished the state of Georgia!

Thursday, March 23Jarrard Gap5.625.7Started at 4:30pm
Friday, March 24Low GapShelter1641.5
Saturday, March 25Tray Mt. Shelter1556.5
Sunday, March 26Plumorchard Gap1874.1
Monday, March 27Deep Gap (USFS71)1185.4NORTH CAROLINA

Rooster’s Trail Notes