Appalachian Trail 2016

I’m just going to put our first year’s trek into one post, cause we didn’t make it that far.

Day 0 – April 22, 2016

We took a rental car down to Georgia, and then had Dick Anderson take us to Amicalola Falls State Park. He brought us to the lodge, we stayed in the lodge thinking it would be nice to have one last night sleeping in a bed before being on the trail for week. Dick dropped us off at the lodge, which is about 2 miles into the start of the Approach Trail. So we walked down the trail to the true beginning!

Day 1 – April 23, 2016

We woke up and Rooster had soaked his bed with sweat. We though he was getting better from his flu, but apparently not. Being stubborn, we hiked on. It was exciting to be on the trail and getting started. It was also really hot.

We made it to the start of the AT, completing the ~8 mile Approach Trail.

Rooster and Nate at the start of the Appalachian Trail

From there it went downhill:

  • It was really hot.
  • I didn’t pack enough water.
  • Rooster lost a contact.
  • My water filter broke.
  • Rooster got a blister.

Despite all that, we had covered some major ground. We made it to Horse Gap, which is 19.3 miles (8.1 miles from Springer Mtn., the start of the AT). But by the end, Rooster essentially passed out from exhaustion. We were hiking with some great people, and they were kind and gave us some water.

Day 2 – April 24, 2016

We woke up, Rooster felt a bit better. our goal was to hike the 4 miles to water and make some breakfast and see how we were feeling.

We made it to water, and I made the idiot mistake of just drinking water from the creek (it was flowing fast, but never trust a creek), and I paid the price for that a few days later.

We made some food, and Rooster was still feeling terrible. So we made the decision to call it and end the trip. We learned a lot, and we got started, so it was not all in vein.

Thank god we had a rough plan for our buddy Matt to meet us somewhere between Horse Gap and Woody Gap, because just as we decided to end our, Matt busts out of the woods with a fanny pack full of PB + Js and some Scratch drink mix. Scratch is the only thing that sustained Rooster the 6 miles we had left to hike to Woody’s Gap. Matt carried Rooster’s pack, and Rooster barely made it off the trail. I thought we may have to come back for him somehow.

But we made it to Woody’s Gap, Matt drove us back to Atlanta. We got a rental car and a hotel, took it easy and drove back home the next day.

2016 Summary

We did a total of 30 miles from the start of the Appalachian Trail to Woody’s Gap. We had some hardships, and we didn’t make it near as far as we thought (Rooster wanted Fontana Dam bad), but we got started!

Saturday April 23Horse Gap19.38.1
Sunday April 24Woody’s Gap10.320.8
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