2016-03-20 10.39.39

My sister and I recently did a sister trip where we went to Yosemite National Park.

There was a point in my life when I would have considered this a death sentence. I will let you know, I am well past that point. This trip was a great trip.


Yosemite 2016-5

My sister is an amazing person and I’m really grateful to have her in my life. She’s my constant encouragement to be a better person, ally, and feminist. She’s one of the most open hearted persons I know. 

Yosemite 2016-40

We heard this guy speak not just once, but twice. It was great. He’s the park ranger you think of when you think of park ranger awesomeness. I was really excited that we were able to hear him talk.


Yosemite 2016-85

Sure we walked 8 miles in the wrong direction this day. But we did find where one of John Muir’s homes were. 

Yosemite 2016-178

This amazing woman who took this picture kindly told me I had my camera set to manual focus. The pictures became much easier to take after this. And she took a great photo of my sister and I.

2016-03-22 12.06.14

The second time we saw Shelton Johnson we were on a guided snow shoe walk.
2016-03-22 10.38.46

Snowshoeing is not easy.

We almost did a backpacking trip. That would have required 20 miles of snowshoeing. I’m glad we didn’t do that trip.

The trip was really great though. I could go back again and again.