Flourishing and Living

June 2015-008

Each leaf on my tree is a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault. It’s a beautiful representation of the difficulty of being a part of a community no one wants to be a part of.

No one wants violence to happen. No one wants violence to happen to people we love. No one wants violence to happen to them. That doesn’t stop it from happening. There is no magical rule or protection we can give people to not face violence.

I carry my leaves to remember that there is a community of women that are standing up and saying that what happened to them is not okay. The voice might shake, it might be small, but there is a community out there. That community stands with survivors and is working hard to create larger systemic, cultural, and legal changes.

I’ll be adding more leaves this spring. I’ll be carrying more people with me. I’ll keep seeing leaves out of the corner of my eyes and think of people. People who are beautiful. People who are complicated. People who are strong. People are kind. People who are not alone.