Packing Up, Heading Out, and Moving On

2016-02-15 16.57.37

We’ve been packing up our house for months now. Trying to stage it to sell.

It’s been emptying slowly. Slowing becoming less of us so others can see themselves in our house.

We’ve taken down:

  • the pizza peel we use to make fresh loaves of bread
  • the handmade cutting board my father made to celebrate our first house
  • the pots we use to can in massive amounts
  • my grandmothers picture in my craft room like the patron saint of crooked lines and embracing imperfections
  • my vagina warrior lunch bag that reminds me to keep fighting and keep loving
  • handsome’s medals from races
  • the tag that hung outside our tent in Canada

It’s amazing how we take spaces and make them into spaces where there can be comfort and love.