Quilting x 2

2016-02-14 20.04.29
I had a lot of quilt tops. Which means I had 3/4 of a quilt done. The issue is I have more blankets than I know what to with. The second problem becomes I don’t know who else needs or wants a quilt.

Except lately I’ve been thinking about a bad ass feminist friend of mine. I’m a firm believer that people come into our lives when we need them.

Sarah came into my life when I needed her to. She’s kind hearted and loving. I think her heart has grown ten sizes too big and she tries to fit as much in there as possible. When I think of her I think of a warm midwestern laugh and positivity. She gave me a beautiful craft that hangs in my home.

I loved Sarah from the moment she talked to me. She came up next to me on the side walk in New York City and we talked like old friends. She asked questions beyond surface level things and I remember talking to her felt like coming home. Maybe we were both two midwesterners in New York City desperate for a taste of home. Or maybe we were walking into each others lives right when we needed it. 

When I need strength I think of people like Sarah. People who have experienced life and are still loving, still fighting, and still there for me when I need her. Sarah represents goodness that lives in people. She represents love that is always a phone call away, or found on the streets in a stranger. 

I was so happy to give her this quilt. I hoped it would bring her some amount of love, comfort, and strength that knowing her as given me. It looks like it was well received. 

2016-02-29 13.22.33

-Tomato Quilts Feminist Connections