Quilt Close Up

Christmas 2015-48

So you’re thinking, “Hey Tomato! You never showed us the quilt you made. Show em’ off. Let me see all the deets.

Christmas 2015-47

Here’s a close up of the quilting I did. This was my first time using free motion quilting. I liked the freedom of the design and I liked the imperfections. It gives a little bit of me. From far away it looks put together and like I have my shit together. Then you zoom in and you’re like, “oh Jesus. That’s a hot mess.” So when people snuggle with these they’ll be comforted by my imperfections.

Thanksgiving 2015-118

This is a traditional postage stamp quilt with a wide border. I loved the mixture of colors that the squares brought in. The squares were chosen at random hence some of the squares doubling up. This top was actually made mostly out of scraps. My sister bought a chunk of fabric before leaving one place or another and I was given the fabric. I saw the blue colors and thought my mother in law would love the colors. 

 Thanksgiving 2015-112

I might be monopolizing on her love of the color blue when it comes to gifts. Again the imperfections are probably my favorite part of this quilt. I especially love how the squares don’t always meet up. Just another reminder that I am imperfect and to add another layer, it’s great to know that my mother-in-law loves me with all my imperfections. 

 Thanksgiving 2015-120

I’m also really loving that this blanket adds warmth to a house. Just like I can add to the personality of a family.

2015-12-20 18.03.58-1

I bought this fabric over the summer. I liked the quirky colors. I liked how they were bright and fun. I also liked how they were fairly gender neutral. It is very hard to make quilts for people and try to remain far away from the blues and pinks.

2015-12-20 21.47.50

I made two quilts with the same colors, but two different designs. This is what you have to do when you are an aunt to adorable twins. Same Same, but different.

Christmas 2015-41

I don’t have a good photo of the quilt that is Same, Same, Different. You can see I put a seam down the middle to make for another rag seam. I’m hoping this holds well over time.

– Tomato Quilts