A Full House (Not the Show)

Over The Top Christmas Party 2015-44

We’ve been hosting an Over-the-Top Christmas party for 5 years now. It seems like forever ago that we had a teeny-tiny cookie decorating party in our apartment.

COOKIES_0004It started six years ago with my favorite roommate in our Christmas PJs and sparkling apple juice and a grandma’s recipe.  COOKIES_0038

We decorated them all by hand and only made a “few.” We gave them to folks we loved and we ate a lot of them. 

OverTheTopChristmasParty 2011 098Then we had people over in our teeny-tiny apartment and we did it all over again. This time we called it an Over-The-Top Christmas party and we went nuts.

OverTheTopChristmasParty 2011 118

I wore my grandma’s blinking earrings and an ugly sweater.

OverTheTopChristmasParty 2011 178

We had friends over and they were up to their elbows in icing. It made our apartment feel full and warm. It was perfect.

Over-The-Top Christmas Party 2012;christmas 019

Then we moved to our house in Charleston and we did it all over again. Made a lot of cookies and filled the house. Again with my old roommate from college. 

 Over-The-Top Christmas Party 2012;christmas 106

It was filling and warm. It was Christmas sweaters and sugar. Laughter and a mess! 

Over The Top Christmas Party 2013 087

Then we did it again for a third time. Here I am wearing the same sweater from the first party. With the same old friend from the first party.


Over The Top Christmas Party 2013 145We filled the house with friends and neighbors. We laughed and we had loads of sugar and cookies. We had kids running laps around the house and dogs eating too much food. This was also the year that Rube ate food that could have / should have killed him. 

Over The Top Christmas Party 2013 138

So we did it again. With more familiar faces and a half finished house.
Over The Top Christmas Party 2014-034

Our house kept growing with love. We kept filling the rooms with laughter, sugar, and love. Over The Top Christmas Party 2014-096We filled the seats, and filled our hearts with the people we love and that love us.

Over The Top Christmas Party 2014-111

Then this last year! We did it all again! For the 5th time. Over The Top Christmas Party 2015-46

Safe to say we’ve grown a bit.

Over The Top Christmas Party 2015-40

There’s new faces. And old. There’s a lot of sugar and a lot of mess. 

Over The Top Christmas Party 2015-16

And a lot of laughter.

So here’s to filling our humble lives with joy! Here’s to the people we love and who love us! Here’s to sugar and cookies! Here’s to having this party for years to come! Here’s to the people who help and who come and eat some of the cookies!

Thank you all for first and foremost people our people.

-Tomato hosts Over-The-Top Christmas