Christmas 2015-128

This was the year of the quilt. I made three to give away at Christmas. I spent years on some and days on others.

Christmas 2015-120

I believe in the warmth of a blanket made with love. I believe in the warmth of how long it took to sew each square, stitch, and row. I think that you should sit down with a gift for a while and work on it, thinking about the people who will have it for a long time.

Christmas 2015-146

For little kids it’s imagining the forts, the tears, the picked off scabs, boogers, puke, and warmth the blanket will provide. It’s thinking about the small square that might still exist when they are twenty, or the picture that makes them say “I remember that! I was so sad when I had to give it away.” It’s thinking that it’ll be loved half as much as you love them.
Christmas 2015-156

It’s thinking about how soft it will get with each wash. How it’ll be covered in an art project of stains. How it’ll be covered in a history of a life. 

Christmas 2015-152

It’s a visual representation of just what is a little bit of my heart.

Then of course when someone sends you this video you just melt:

– Tomato