Month: January 2016

I Wore A Lot of Ugly Sweaters

- Tomato does silly things to make students laugh

A Full House (Not the Show)

We've been hosting an Over-the-Top Christmas party for 5 years now. It seems like forever ago that we had a teeny-tiny cookie decorating party in our apartment. It started six years ago with my…


This was the year of the quilt. I made three to give away at Christmas. I spent years on some and days on others. I believe in the warmth of a blanket made with love. I believe in the warmth of how…

Christmas x 1

Why Christmas is so important to me: It's about the sugar. Being up to your elbows in powdered sugar, icing, cookies, fudge, and sticky buns. It's about the people. Being up to your elbows in…


Today I'm grateful for Indy pup and her constant ability to love me. House projects that are almost done.  And endless opportunities that lay ahead. -Tomato.

Power tools

Over break I got to play with power tools. I was too tired of wearing pants and dressing up everyday. So I did my house project in my pajamas. Still. It's coming along. -Tomato