A Swimming Dog

Saugany Spring 2015-099

I grew up my whole life a sneeze away from water. I swam when it was too hot to move. I swam when it was too dark to see your hand in front of your face.

I always. Always. Always. wanted a dog who would go swimming with me. I imagine this is similar to how runners feel about running with a dog.

Saugany Spring 2015-111

Enter Rube. The dog who has eaten multiple socks, a plastic knitting needle, an entire dark chocolate bar, two toys, and a scrunchie (to name a few). Throw a life jacket on him and suddenly he’s a swimmer.

Saugany Spring 2015-144

He was swimming and comfortable in the water. He wanted to explore and play. He is a water dog.

Saugany Spring 2015-222

– Tomato