I built some stairs

New Steps (SP 2015)-014

It’s not the easiest. There’s math involved. You have to figure out your distance you need to go both up and out. Then you need to figure out your rise over run.

New Steps (SP 2015)-008

Being an English teacher I decided to do the measure once cut twice.

New Steps (SP 2015)-021


English jokes aside I am pretty math literate. I was able to answer all of my uncle’s clarifying questions when he asked how I was planning on doing this. I was able to use the words like stringer, rise, run, and tread with straight confidence.

New Steps (SP 2015).02

I cut three stringers to the exact same size. It was looking really good.

New Steps (SP 2015).32-1


Until it wasn’t. You see the joy of having an old house is that your house is completely unlevel. So when you have three stringers exactly the same size. You actually need two the exact same size and one half an inch longer than the others.
New Steps (SP 2015)-054

One day later and two more trips to Home Depot had me putting in  the stairs like a beauty.
New Steps (SP 2015)-055

Please note the most stable these stairs have ever been in three years was when they froze together this January.

We will no longer have that problem ever again.

New Steps (SP 2015)-064

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