St John


Nate and I have done a lot of trips lately. In February we went to visit my brother on St. John the Virgin Islands. It was a great trip to take a breath and recharge.

I was lucky not to have a sensitive skin issue on the island and not fry from the sun.



I was able to do some hiking. It’s safe to say my family all looks like each other.



Nate’s still working on his jumping pictures. It looks like he’s about to throw himself off this cliff.



TJ’s kitchen made us these tasty shrimp. Safe to say between the six of us we ate three plates of shrimp.
2015-02-06 15.25.56


This was the experience I had coming home. It was a tiny plane. So tiny that the steering wheel hit my knees twice while we were up in the air. It was one of those really interesting experiences where I wanted to puke.