Vacation Mode

July 4th 2014-016


Handsome and I have been busy. It’s a thing. A lot of people have it, the busies. It starts with a to-do list that continues from one day to the next. Add a few lofty goals and some emotional baggage and suddenly you’re chasing after… well something.

We’ve been busy and chasing our tails. It was amazing when the chance came for a vacation we took it by the horns. We spent a lot of time within a 10 foot radius of the lake. Nate read a book and I talked with cousins. It was a cold 4th so there wasn’t as much swimming as I normally would prefer, but there was a lot of time for family.
July 4th 2014-097

Which when you come from a large family, it’s important to fill your heart with family if that’s what you need. My family has always been one of the smaller of the many families and so it was really nice to talk to extended cousins and growing families and also reconnect with my own.

July 4th 2014-086

I’ve always been really lucky that Nate understands how important my family means to me. He encourages me to make meet ups, big plans, little plans, and overall a good amount of family time. It’s nice that my family so loves him and he feels comfortable enough to spend time together.

July 4th 2014-102

It was nice to relax.
July 4th 2014-699To slow down and take it all in for a while. I needed that. Here’s hoping for another great vacation coming up with Handsome’s family!