Away in Brown County

Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 106 Life’s been a lot of to-do lists and getting stuff done recently – and it seems like there just hasn’t been enough time for fun. 2014-04-06 17.35.00 So we took a weekend and went to one of our favorite destinations: Bloomington, IN. Jen had friends and family attend Indiana University – so she used to frequent the city. Now we go there to visit friends that are still there, to eat good food, walk around a nice town, and go hiking. So we started our trip with smiles and kisses to set the mood! Our first stops were at Mother Bear’s Pizza (get their house salad with ranch!) followed by the Baked! – the best cookies you can get. 2014-04-04 22.40.41 Then we hit up the opening day of the Bloomington Farmers Market, which was loaded with lots of salad greens, flowers, locally raised good meat, and baked goods. We bought some good cheese and brats. Jen’s friend MJ was writing an article on the market and it’s opening day. Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 017 Then we ventured to a great lunch at Farm-Bloomington and then walked around town to a few fun bookstores. Boxcar books is very fun and super activist-y. They had Neko Case playing as we walked in, so Jen was happy. Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 033 After that we went out to Brown County State Park and we did Trail #8. But before that, of course we visited the Park Office and Nature Center, because Jen loves parks and park rangers and learning ALL THE THINGS! We also went up a scary fire tower… Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 071 Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 085 Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 057 Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 120 2014-04-05 15.16.39 I love hiking with Jen. Sometimes we stop a lot, experience everything around us and just relax. We try and find all the details of everything (which Jen is great at), and just be next to one another. And then other times we are killing it doing miles in minutes and rocking it. It’s always an adventure! Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 126 Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 143 Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 160 After our hike we stopped into the Muddy Boots Cafe in Nashville, IN to get a quick snack and to try some of their baked goods (per a recommendation). 2014-04-05 17.19.28 Then we headed back to Bloomington and made a great dinner of Pasta Bolognese for our friend MJ at her new apartment (we were her first guests!). Bloomington, IN (April 2014) 163 We stayed at a lovely place we found on If you haven’t tried AirBnB you totally should. It’s cheaper and gives you a better experience because you stay with locals you can tell you more about what’s best in the area. It’s also just awesome to meet new and fun people.

We finished off our adventure with a morning coffee shop date at Soma, buying some yarn at Yarns Unlimited, lunch at Little Tibet and another stop at Baked! for cookies.

Feeling adventurous, energized and grateful