Another Work Weekend with Tim & MaryKay

March 2014 165

Jen’s parents came to visit us this weekend in anticipation of Jen’s upcoming birthday! But Tim & MaryKay are always awesome at helping us cross some big projects off our list. They are do-ers, and it’s nice to have people like them around to share their knowledge and experience with us young home owners. So not only did we celebrate Jen’s upcoming birthday, but we got lots of work done.

So after an amazing dinner at The Firefly Grill and Ice Cream at the Homewood Grill, Jen and MaryKay got to work! But first look at these cool gifts Jen got:

March 2014 169
March 2014 180

March 2014 250
March 2014 263

March 2014 365

March 2014 343

March 2014 404

March 2014 388

But we still found time to relax and have some puppy time!
March 2014 274
March 2014 296

-Tired Oat & Handsome