I’ve Been Busy

2014-02-24 17.20.05


I’ve been job searching. I’ve been girls on the run coaching. I’ve been trying to get my shit together in more ways than one. I’ve been snuggling, cooking, meeting, and over all being busy.

I’ve been dog raising, and dog training. I’ve been loving and I’ve been picking up fur balls. I’ve thought about buying a lint roller.

I’ve been eating less meat and more vegetables. I’ve started eating gluten again because it’s not a life choice I can make. It was a phase. It was a phase that taught me to seriously lay off the processed food because all of it has wheat (seriously it’s in soup – wtf).

I’ve been creating little bits here and there. I’ve been scheduling. I’ve been running hither and thither.

I’ve been swimming again. I’ve been dreaming.

– I’ve been busy, but I’ll be back.

– Tomato