Christmas in MN

Christmas 2013 169


This year Nate and I couldn’t make it to the big Christmas with all his aunts and Uncles so we traveled around from one family to the next to see all the folks we would have.

Although it would have been nice to go to the big celebration it was also kind of nice to see the individuals and get a chance to see and talk with them with a little less crazy going on the side.

Christmas 2013 206

It was great not to have to butt heads with someone to get some one on one time with these two smarty pants.

Christmas 2013 236

That was probably my favorite of all the time I spent with them.

Then there was time with my twin-brother-in-law with shooting the shit and playing board games.

Christmas 2013 246

Really there hasn’t been enough twin time going on.

Then we spent time with one of Nate’s crafty Aunts and I wanted to camp in her craft room and not come out.

Christmas 2013 262

Then of course there’s my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Christmas 2013 271


It was great to spend the time to connect with everyone as individuals instead of as a mass. It wasn’t the same, but it wasn’t half bad either.

It helps when you have a great family.