Christmas 2013 132

My inlaws have shared new and awesome stuff with me. Things that would have otherwise not been in my life. Like Aebleskiver. They are small pancakes meant to have apples in the inside but turns out when the twins were younger they didn’t like that part.

My mother in law makes them on special occasions and when I ask nicely.

Christmas 2013 140

I was really excited to have some this year. I was even more excited to help make them this year.Christmas 2013 149

I am not good at playing it cool. I was really excited to share in what has been going on in this family for a lot of years. Before Nate was a twinkle, before Nancy was a twinkle. Aebleskiver has long since been in this family and here I was learning and doing it myself. It was really cool. I especially appreciate heritage and tradition. I love it even more when it surrounds food. I just think it helps bring families together.

– Tomato Trying her Hand at Traditions