Dear Nephews

Christmas 2013 072

Hey Guys!

Aunti Jen here. Just wanted to tell you how awesome it was to hang out with you this Christmas.

Christmas 2013 080

Sorry that I could only play for such a short time. I’m glad we got to read some of the books I brought. I am so proud of your love of books. You are the best page turners I know. I can’t wait to snuggle up and start a longer book with you guys. We’ll have uncle Nate do the voice of someone scary and I can make you giggle with laughter at the heroic princess’s quick wips.

Christmas 2013 236


I’m thinking next time I come to visit we could take you to the magical land of a library. They are potentially the coolest places in the world. There are books and toys and fun people always wanting to help you learn more. It’s like opening a world to possibilities. That’s what I would like to share with you all – the endless potential that you have and the resources to help you know that you can do anything. Just remember that Aunt Jen loves your little laughter. She loves your page turning abilities. She loves the way you look at the pictures in the book. She loves the way you snuggle in the crook of her arm. Try and stay that size ya? Or at least know that you’re never too big to laugh with me and I’ll love you.

You’re so smart.

All my love from this size and bigger

– Aunt Tomato