“Our Christmas”

Christmas 2013 004


Dear Handsome,

As we start to talk about all the chaos and difficulties of raising other human beings I was thinking about “our Christmas.” I like that we have an agenda and on it is taking a nap, doing a puzzle, and eating Mexican. I like that we open presents like little kids trying to spread out the fun and excitement. I like that we have massive stockings where two sleds could literally fit. I like that santa always brings underwear.

I like that it always sometime near the 15th of December. I like that we make it about a celebration of us as a passing of time. I would like to continue this tradition should we ever have kids. I would like them to celebrate with our little family days before most people. I would like to explain to them that it’s about a day together. Even if you have to take off work (or school!).

What do you think? Let’s make it weird!