Gift Guide for Those with Doggies

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So your tree is empty and Christmas is quickly approaching so you’re starting to panic. Feel free to calm down a bit because I have got you covered with some awesome gift guides.

The first one is for anyone who has some of these in their lives.

(Rebeus Hagrid) Our New Dog 197



Who doesn’t love doggies. Okay well here’s the deal I can make a pretty quick general assumption here. People with dogs tend to love them astronomically. The take general happiness in the happiness and pleasure of their dogs. So if you’re looking for some gifts for granddogs, or some dog lovers here are some of the things I love and also some of the things I’d wish for for my four legged friends. (How many times can I say for?)



Elk antlers are the best investment we have ever, ever, ever, made in dog toys. They last a very long time and both of my dogs go absolutely nuts for them. They want the marrow on the inside but the outside is strong and doesn’t give like those raw hides. So here’s what you get 1. No smell 2. No Soggy Wetness 3. Significantly Less of a Choking Hazzard 4. Hours of entertainment for your dog 5. Months of use. Long story short. Totally worth it. Also this company is a small company out of Indiana and we totally dig them. The chicken jerky they have? My dogs go weak at the knees for it.

This is Indy’s favorite cloth toy. It lasts pretty darn well too. The thing with cloth toys is these are not for every dog. My sister’s dog would literally eat this in one minute. Don’t buy her this toy. Then again Indy has hoards of toys like this and she likes to slowly destroy the toy at the identified weak spots (anywhere there is stitching or any protruding element). If you are going to buy fabric toys buy the ones that advertise durable or intense or of some sort. You still want them to be fabric, but buy quality that way the dogs aren’t ingesting massive amounts of stuffing. Also the more fabric toys you give a dog owner the more they can toss away that can no longer be identified. (I think that’s a… giraffe?)

We love dog harnesses. It gives the dog the opportunity to walk without choking itself. You see when you train a dog you aren’t suppose to give when they pull on the lead. The problem happens when the dog starts making this terrible I am going to die noise and you aren’t suppose to give in or else you teach the dog that pulling is how you get where you want to go. You with me still? Anyway these can get old and gross because they roll in what ever your dog rolls in. So most people could use a new one.


Okay so barkbox is making tons of money off of people. BUT IT IS THE BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD. I love mail. Indy loves when the mail person comes. And I love mail. So this is extra a gift for me. AND I get the pleasure of watching my dog decide if he likes the goods inside. Have you ever given a dog a new toy? It is the. best. They go nutso. So thank you for giving me one month, three months, or more of doing this.

There you go it’s just a few, but they are some of our absolute favorites.

– Tomato