We Expanded Our Fambily

2013-11-24 18.56.03

We recently adopted another puppy. It’s the worst time to adopt a dog because the holidays are quick approaching. It’s like life though, there’s really never a good time for anything, marriage, kids, houses, it’s all just happening when it does.

2013-11-24 16.55.49

His name is Rubeus Hagrid. He is half Australian Shepard and half Standard Poodle. Currently he is about 25 lbs.

2013-11-24 20.05.25

We adopted this dog because it seems as though it’s temperament will fit in our house. A dog’s temperament is how active, how curious, and how dominant the dog is. This dog was originally described as “chocolate snuggle.” Indeed the woman that was working with this dog since it’s release from a puppy mill was fond of picking it up and snuggling it. He immediately becomes submissive and falls asleep quite quickly when you pick him up.

The struggle now is giving the dog it’s confidence back. The dog has had a whole new collection of new from the moment it met Handsome and I.

We gave him a new leash. We gave him a new harness. We take him out to go potty not to play. We gave him a new kennel. We gave him a new home many of hours away. We gave him a new sister.

So there’s a lot to figure out here for little Hagrid. Which means a lot of patience. As I type this I am simply rewarding the dog for peaking it’s head around the corner and move closer to me. It is going to be baby steps from here. Hagrid has every potential to be an amazing dog. I believe that behind all this fear is a great dog that is going to snuggle with us and give us kisses until we don’t know what to do. I really believe this dog is a great dog I just have to give him the confidence to move beyond fear.

All this work for a dog?

2013-11-24 19.43.27

Ya. Yes. 100 % certain. Yes. The more we get up to our knees in working with this dog the more glad I am that we have taken this dog home with us. Our trainer already has made a house visit to analyze the dog and create a plan and we’ve been implementing that plan. We have the time and the love to give and so we are giving it.

So I will keep you up on our beautiful amazing dog as he becomes a full bonafide family member.