Adventures Pre-Surgery

2013-09-07 19.21.51

Before handsome’s surgery we had a few adventures. We wanted to keep our minds off of the surgery and we knew it would be awhile till we could pick up and go somewhere again.

2013-09-07 19.22.18

So we saw an AMAZING performance of RENT at the Springfield Muni. It was really awesome because someone Nate knew from high school was in the musical and did a really great job.

2013-09-08 12.57.06

We ate and ate and ate because we knew that a liquid diet was going to severely restrict handsome’s diet. This was great sandwiches from Headwest in Springfield. Well actually we ordered from the Rochester branch.

2013-09-02 09.25.27

Nate wanted to get in a decent amount of twin time. It recharges each other when they are together.

2013-09-14 11.23.39


It was definitely helpful to have these experiences before the surgery.