My Mom

2013-09-17 15.23.51


My mom told me a few weeks before handsome’s surgery that she, “really would like to come down.” I thought that it would add to my stress level to have the guest bedroom clean and such before she came so I tried to talk her out of it. Naturally she is pretty persistent so it was settled that she would come down.

Then as it came closer I had some food that needed cooked before she came and I had a lot of errands to run so it became more and more of a reassurance that she was coming. I had almost had the whole house cleaned except for a few parts. I knew that she could help me be two places at once, she could help me clean while I ran errands. She could help me make some food while I cleaned the fridge.

My mom has always been this kind of person my whole life. She has always been the one you call when you need someone to take care of you, give you a break, or get your shit together. It’s one of those things I’ve always appreciated but never fully understood until I myself had her come and help me. She went out for food not just once but twice while handsome was in surgery. She brought a bag full of things to do and eat while I waited. She listened to me go from a rational human being to an impatient child while I waited for Nate to go into the second recovery room.

She was there for me. Physically she was there just incase I couldn’t do it and she was there for me if I was going to lose it.

The best part of this though happened on her ride home and as I got the car to take handsome home. We had heard about the possibility of a second surgery and I told her I would need her to come if it were to happen. Then two days later when the possibility went to a certainty I told her, “can you get here Monday and stay until Wednesday.” It wasn’t much of a question as a request. Okay it wasn’t much of a request as a demand. I needed another person. I was not prepared for the second surgery, or even the possibility of a second surgery. I didn’t have the time, the space, the food. I wasn’t ready. So my mom came and once again waited with me in the waiting room. She took care of handsome, not like an inlaw, but like her own son. She loved him as much as any family could. She opened her heart fully and let him in.

I know she has to love handsome because I’m head over heels for him, but she loves handsome for more than that. She loves handsome as a person and was so willing to take care of him. She was willing to wait for the surgery. She was willing to wipe his face in the car ride home. She was willing to watch him while I ran errands. She was willing to help me take care of one of the largest pieces of my life.

She’s a mom that loves endlessly. I couldn’t imagine this experience without her. I couldn’t imagine not having her as my mom.

– Tomato, loving runs in the family.