To The Love of My Life

2013-09-17 19.37.21


Dear Nate,

You make my heart swell two sizes too big. You have the largest heart I have ever seen on a person. Your ability to constantly see the good in people, the world, and myself keeps me grounded. It keeps me remembering that karma is good, and that namaste is real. You never stop forgiving me and you never stop loving me. You let me pout and stomp my feet quite literally at times. You bring me cookie peace offerings and you always look at something I made like it is worth a million dollars. You make me believe in myself, in the universe, and in love.

Your ability to love me throughout everything is always reassuring. My favorite thing about marriage came from an episode on NPR. They said it’s reassuring when you know you’re married because you are in it forever. There’s no expiration date. There is always this ability to love no matter what. That despite what ever difficult situation, moment, or problem – marriage is in it forever. Thank you for that. Thank you for loving me in the best of times, and the worst of times. Thank you for loving me, in sickness and in health.

Thank you for all your daily acts of love. Thank you for every time you sit with me when I eat despite not being able to eat with me. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for loving me.

I love you more than anything and I am sorry that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s in the hard moments that leave me speechless that you love me. It’s knowing that you love me in the good time and the bad. Thank you for making our love real and for being real with me. I love you.

I always want to be there to hold your hand when you need it. I want to take care of you for the rest of my life. I want to be there when it’s hard for you. I want to give you the strength I can and always give you all the love I have. I want to be with you forever through it all, adventures, hard times, health, happiness and everything the universe can throw at us.

– Tomato Loves You