Apple Crisp

2013-08-29 21.53.51


I had a lot of left over apples from the market one week. I refused to can them because Handsome’s grandma literally has a basement full of canned apples. So what do you do with a bushel of apples?

You make a lot of apple crisp.

2013-08-29 18.58.18


And you pay it forward. You see with Nate’s surgery we knew we would be asking for help or asking for favors. We have really amazing friends near us and we knew this wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but we wanted to start early at telling people how much we appreciate them. So we made 9 crisps in total. We were passing out crisps like it was Christmas! We dropped them off raw. They only needed to be cooked for 30 – 45 minutes at 350 degrees. While we stood chatting many people already were preheating their oven.

They went over really well. It felt a lot like when you pass out a fresh jar of salsa.

It feels like sharing the love, and being a part of a community.

It feels good.


Interested in what recipe we used? You can find it here.