Farming, Farmers, and Love

2013-08-13 18.17.47


I’ve got an amazing farmer over at Embarras Valley Farm. She knows her tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. I use to have a CSA through her but this year she decided not to do shares and so I was like every other shmuck waiting at the market. Which led to some very disappointing Wednesday mornings when she didn’t show up to the market.

2013-08-13 18.01.46


So I asked if she wanted me to help her pick and sell for the market. She had put in so much hard work to have her wonderful food grow it only made sense to share it with the world. She thought I was just being generous but then she could tell that no, I actually would really really enjoy selling the produce at the market. So we made a deal.

2013-08-20 19.30.31


Handsome and I picked and picked and picked and then we would sell. This led to a little extra cash for us, which truthfully made pre-surgery a lot less stressful when we had a little running around cash that wasn’t figured into the budgets. But this also led to me using the leftover produce from the market. With canning! You have heard all about that I’m sure.

2013-08-14 06.11.41


So I set up shop with our little tables (the only size that fits in our little car) and our tent. I waited for the people to come and I told them all about the delicious food. I told them which peppers to watch out for and which peppers I’m still learning about. I told them about how to cook eggplant and why it looked so silly. I told them that despite being pink the tomatoes are fully ripe and ready to eat and man oh man will they be the tastiest tomatoes ever.

2013-08-21 06.36.38


I really liked the routine. We picked on Tuesday and sold early Wednesday. Nate would stay until he had to ride off at work. Then he’d take an early lunch and help me tear down. It was nice. It was more than nice, it was wonderful. Ken over at the farm looked at Handsome and I one day and said, “What do you want to be farmers or something?!” and I laughed and either shook my head or shrugged my shoulder, but I know deep down that I really liked picking the vegetables, and I really liked working in my own garden. I really like growing good food and telling others about it. I think my answer should have been, “If that’s where the path leads, I wouldn’t be upset.”

– Tomato future farmer?