Garden Update (August 2013) 003


I like to can for many reasons.

One I love the products I make. I think that fresh salsa is the cats pajamas. It tastes like summer in the middle of winter. It tastes like summer in the middle of the spring. It tastes like summer when you need the feeling of warm sun on your skin. It tastes like the feeling of picking a fresh tomato and smelling not just the vegetable, but the plant. It’s that pick up you need when you can’t find you way out from under the covers. It’s making the medicine that is necessary for the other months.

Garden Update (August 2013) 023


It’s connecting with the past. When we, the collective we of citizens of the United States, grew our own food and had a connection with food. We knew how to start from seed. We knew how to nurture and grow. We knew how to preserve and pack away. Just because we knew doesn’t mean I know. I can to learn. I can to figure out what tomatoes make different kinds of products. I can to take the produce and make something more. I can because there is an abundance and that is what you are “suppose” to do.

Garden Update (August 2013) 027


I can to feel connected to the earth and to the vegetables of this earth. There is an understanding between the skin on my fingers and the red stain that stays for days. There is an understanding between the knife and the pounds of tomatoes chopped, peeled, and processed and my finger which is a mixture of callous and blistered. There’s this rooting in being up to your elbows in dishes and your house smelling like cooking tomatoes.

– Tomato Can Can