The Great Union of Natalie and Ken

Natalie & Ken 036

One of my own beautiful bridesmaids tied the knot recently.

It was awesome to be a part of her wedding and pay back some of my dues from my own wedding chaos.

Natalie & Ken 129

The morning started early and thankfully for me with a lot of coffee.

Natalie & Ken 134

We arrived in time to see the bestman still scribbling away his speech over cinnamon toast crunch no less.

Natalie & Ken 205

Then this amazingly talented woman did our makeup and hot dang! She is talented! You can find her here.
Natalie & Ken 198

She does absolutely beautiful work.

Natalie & Ken 209

These two crack me up. I couldn’t believe their connection. It was so fun to hear how they both grew up together and how much love was there right in that little space between them.

Natalie & Ken 259
Natalie & Ken 348
It’s always great when the wedding isn’t full of sadness or stress. It’s like running in an event or throwing a great birthday party. You can’t wait to put your dress on, dance, and every moment is like an exciting new present. At least that’s what this event felt like.

Natalie & Ken 447

Thankfully Handsome came to help with loading things and figuring out all the small things.

Natalie & Ken 457

Like why no one is giving this bridesmaid the high five she so desperately is asking for. Or why no one gave her the next lines to Hamlet.

Natalie & Ken 482

Or why no one ever threw me the pitch.

Natalie & Ken 572

Or why no one remembered deodorant except me. And just why the MOH couldn’t just put it on herself.

Natalie & Ken 574

Or what ever is going on here.



I guess you had to be there.