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I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for twins.

Since marrying handsome it’s obviously only grown. There’s just something about having a best friend in life and through out life.

Handsome and I were talking about it a few days ago and I recalled for him the exact first moment I met Rooster. I told him this because he didn’t believe me that I knew going into our relationship how important twins were.

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It’s their unyielding ability to be there for each other and to just be. Neither of them would ever think about “twin code” or how their relationship may be different than other familial relationships.

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It’s in the way they repeat the same sayings over and over again. It’s how handsome told me with a mixture of sadness and pride that their first summer apart was when he was twenty-three. It’s how they reference each other when trying to remember which house they lived in and which shenanigan went down when.

Rooster Passed his CPA! 025

It’s always having one more person to help celebrate passing a CPA, or getting a raise, or moving into a new house. It’s another excited person.

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It’s opening a NES for passing the CPA and having both twins be as excited as an eight year old on Christmas.

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It’s being blessed enough to watch it happen again with nephews.

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Twins are so amazing.

-Tomato is in awe.