Dear Nephews

Collin & Connor's Baptism 008

You’re growing at that stage where every moment we see you it’s something new. A few months ago it was solidly crawling and now it’s the beginning stages of walking.

Collin & Connor's Baptism 012

I wanted you to know I’ll always make funny faces at you. Whether it’s to keep you from crying at your baptism or watching you graduate high school. I’ll be the one trying to catch your attention with funny smiles and crazy faces. I’ll have to remind you that when you were this size you really liked it.
Collin & Connor's Baptism 207

It’s pretty fun to watch you grow. I’ve been telling you a few things I know. Like this was where I was telling you how much I loved you and how smart and strong you are. If you ever forget this it’s a story I’ll tell you forever.

Minnesota (July 2013) 008

I think it’s the coolest thing ever watching you learn and observe. Indy is trying to figure out how people can be so small while you are trying to learn how she could be so fluffy. Someday I’ll take you to a farm so you can feel how a cow can feel and how a goat will run up to you for attention.

Minnesota (July 2013) 035
I won’t always get your attention like this, but when I do I want you to know I’m so grateful. I’m grateful that you think the things I’m saying are interesting and entertaining. I’m grateful to have your attention because hours away I want you to know I think about you and send you as much positive karma as I can get.

Minnesota (July 2013) 072


It’s not about me and all the things I think and feel though, it’s about you. It’s about how great you already are and how happy I am to have such awesome nephews. It’s celebrating all that is you and how I can’t wait to be there for all your world changing feats.

– Aunt Tomato