Handyman for an Uncle

Independence Day 2013 122

I’ve always had a doer for an uncle.

He’s always made things, small things, big things, worn things, and new things.

Independence Day 2013 128

He’s the one I ask on really big projects. Can I really do this? Is normally what I ask. Recently it was putting in a door. I asked, “Can I really do this?”

After walking me through. Step. by. Step. With parts that could go wrong almost every step of the way. He said, “ya it’s easy.”

I knew that if after all that is required and could go wrong he still thought I could do it, then I really could.

Independence Day 2013 130

Handsome came into the house after taking pictures in the “workshop” and he told me, “I got some really good ones of Wayne.” You see my Uncle Wayne isn’t the easiest to photograph. He’s always laughing with the kiddos or doing a project. Which means you get a laughing photo or a photo of the project and less of my Uncle.

Independence Day 2013 132

Handsome was able to get pictures of my Uncle Wayne in his natural habitat.

Independence Day 2013 228

He’s still a goofball don’t get me wrong.

Independence Day 2013 226

I just think these pictures give a glimpse of what is going on while he works.

Independence Day 2013 251

Independence Day 2013 255


– Tomato knows making is in my blood

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