I Made This

Independence Day 2013 011


I found that fabric at thrift store and I spent more money than I wanted on it, but I knew exactly what I was going to make out of it.

It just took a year to finally get around to making it.

Independence Day 2013 015

I just wasn’t sure about the build of it. How was I going to make it into a tent, and what kind of tent.

So I started some googling, thought I had enough of the information down pat and then I “wung it.” It’s what I’m good at.

Independence Day 2013 017


I’ll walk you through it.

One. Buy awesome fabric.

Two. Measure half the length of the fabric (Ours was 4 1/2 feet halves – 9 total). The halves are what you need to cut out of 1 x 2.

Three. Measure the width of your fabric in the middle. This is the dowel you need to get. I think we went with a 1 1/4 dowel and cut the hole using a 1 1/2 bit. We secured the dowel in the holes by using big rubber bands that came from the broccoli we buy.

Four. Drape the fabric over the tent. Put pins 2 inches up on all four corners. Then about the midway point. This is where you are going to put the ties. Also while you are there put dots on your wood so you put holes in the wood. These holes need to be big enough for the fabric to fit into. The trick here is twist the fabric to make it smaller and more strong and then keep twisting as you get it in.

Five. Attach the fail safe.

Independence Day 2013 021


The fail safe is made up of two VERY important things here. One. A tie. Two. A Cabinet pull. (You can see the one above is a fancy cabinet pull donated by Saugany Lake Farm – it’s a fish). This tie shown here was made of a silk like material and was actually a belt I got once and never used but loved. So I made a hole that was big enough to push the tie through but tight enough that it wouldn’t slide out. Then I attached a metal doodad to the other end do loop around the cabinet pull. You want the cabinet pull to really hold the metal doodad so make sure it has a decent depth and the metal isn’t too big where it easily pops off if bumped. (Safety and all if you’re going to have little ones inside).

There you go!

The trick to taking it down is pop the dowel out and then just wrap it up like a burrito.

Independence Day 2013 023

If you wrap it from one side to the other the tie should be able to be wrapped around the whole thing and used to tie it up.

Independence Day 2013 1464


I think the kids will really like it.

This tent is no longer in my possession. It went to an AMAZING family and they promised to take the tent and their adorable daughter to the park in Brooklyn, NY with it. It seems like such a fitting place for a tent like this. I couldn’t be happier that it made the travel (with help from Saugany Lake Farms).  All proceeds from the tent went to the Mount St. Mary’s Abbey where my aunt lives and they make amazing candy.

Who knows though maybe there will be more to come!

-Tomato Makes Stuff