Celebrating Birthdays

Norah's Step-stool (9th birthday) 006


I’ve got an awesome friend who has a great amazing 9 year old daughter and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her recently.

What do you get a 9 year old? The list could go on forever, but we thought why not see if she wanted to make for her birthday instead of receive. It went over really well. At least for handsome and I it did.

Norah's Step-stool (9th birthday) 008

She was able to use the jigsaw to make all the cuts.

Norah's Step-stool (9th birthday) 012

She used her muscles to put the screws in.

Norah's Step-stool (9th birthday) 019


And she made her very own step stool with a flip top for her secrets. It was really fun to make a project and see how happy she was at the end of all the creation.

Okay so handsome and I were pretty darn proud of ourselves too. We like making projects more than the average.

– Tomato