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When we first moved into our house we ignored our yard hard. We simply didn’t have the time and energy to overhaul the inside and the outside. So this year has been a lot of yard work.

I am not a fan of yard work.

I am not a fan of yard work.

I have an idea when it comes to my yard. It should either one be a flower I love that will come back every year (lilac, or Lilly), or it should be able to produce food. Preferably a combination of the two – a produce that comes back every year would be ideal.

Enter raspberries.

We planted some last fall. After they sat in our yard for too long.

We thought for sure we killed then.

Then when they survived we thought for sure we would be 2 – 3 years before we had any of the goods.

Then slowly, slowly, we started having a few handfuls here and there.

– Tomato is Happy