I Made This

2013-05-30 08.33.10


It’s a piece of old fence we use to put between the two yards so that way Indy couldn’t sneak through the very tiny hole (not so small for her). It was the perfect size for a sign.

Here’s what I did.

I picked the piece of wood out of my yard. Found font big enough off of word. Found a font I liked off of word and I printed it out in a light grey. (English majors do not have ink to spare.)

Cut the letters. Pinned them on with sewing pins. Traced the font with a thin tip permanent marker.

2013-05-29 15.03.13


Bought a black flat paint and painted in the lines.

I’m thinking I should cover it with some type of poly, but I also kind of like the idea of the font fading and having to redo it in a few years.

Because I am a project starter not finisher…

– Tomato’s Farm!