A Long Line of Makers

2013-05-27 11.18.14

I grew up in a pretty cool house. It was something a long of the line of, “isn’t that cool? Let’s make it!”

So my mom would rummage through old wood, knick nacks, and different kinds of paint and then poof. There was the new version of the cool thing. (A lot of times it was a little less perfectly square and had an extra touch of awesome because of an added feature).

I always grew up doing and making and trying things.

There isn’t much I don’t see and don’t think, “I could do that.”

Which is really nice honestly because I have gumption. I’m a project starter! I’m a thinker.

I got it from growing up in this house where there was always space for a new project, a new thing, and space to make a dream a reality.

It’s pretty cool being a maker.

Here I am making a dish towel. I didn’t need one per say but I I had received quite a few from my mom and dad and thought it was time I learned so that way I could say, “I could make that.”

-Tomato make