The Last Jar of Salsa Was Opened in May

2013-05-19 10.22.04


I have a note to myself to make 56 jars of salsa this year.

It seems like a lot. I know, but what you get when you open a fresh jar of salza is summer. You get a sweet heat of sweet tomatoes and hot hot jalapenos. You get to taste the freshness. You get to go back to a messy kitchen full of tomatoes and onions and hot hot pots of water.

Salza is my go to on giving away for thanks for this and that. Did we borrow your truck? Here’s a jar of salza! Did we forget your birthday!? Here’s salza. Do we just love you and want to share the goodness with you? Here’s a jar of salza!

I love love to give it away, but once I get down to 5 jars it’s like strategically opening the jars. Do I open the extra hot jar or the regular hot jar? Do I give away the mild (because who eats mild) because it was really nice of this person to do what ever they did.

This year is going to be a big year of salza making.

You just wait.

-Tomato canning tomatoes