Two Ships Passing in the Night

2013-05-26 13.25.43

A famous couple recently told me they felt like two ships passing in the night and they didn’t like it.

I get it. I don’t know how often because of Handsome and I’s chronic “yes man syndrome” that we are always working, running around, or starting a new project. (Handsome is more of a project finisher and this my friends is why we work so well together).

Nate and I were two ships passing in the night most of the summer thus far. There was state track meets, planting a garden, helping friends, getting help from friends, making jams, getting poison ivy. It was becoming a lot.

It peaked when we came into town for a cousin’s wedding and the next morning we stole away for a “picnic.” Which turned into driving by one of our favorite restaurants and taking an impromptu lunch. We ordered like we were on a fancy date and looked at each other in the eyes.

It was amazing.

This picture warms my heart because it was two ships coming together. Sometimes when it works, it works so well it’s amazing and will knock you over.

Then we took a walk on lake michigan. Seriously who would have thought? In these simple hours we reconnected and I feel hopelessly back in love with handsome.

2013-05-26 15.24.03

Sometimes I just can’t wait for forever because spending time with him is fun, and good, and calming to my heart.

– Tomato loves him