Pinterest and Being a Wife

2013-05-10 11.36.13


Sometimes I see things on pinterest that sound like being a mom is the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD. Because you get to make all of these crafts out of old t-shirts and make breakfast out of bananas and greek yogurt.

Okay well that’s not true. But there are all these awesome things you can do with kids all over pinterest and it’s really great at selling me to have kids.

Again that’s not true.

All it does it make me think how I can do something similarly awesome for / with handsome.

This time it was a big banner for your kids to come home to on their “first day of summer.”

Well Nate has summer hours and they started immediately after graduation so I thought why not! 

So handsome came home to a big poster and a whole to do list on the chalk board of fun stuff to do for the summer. Most of which we are just now getting to.
2013-05-12 11.27.07

This is one of those ways that pinterest can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of ways that pinterest is evil. I’ll save that for later.